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Friday, August 5, 2016 1:59 AM | Written by NZ.MI 0 comments
So guysss, I'm now into make up. Like I watch make up tutorial everyday, ordered a bunch of make up from beauty website, and reviewing every make up available! (blame hermo, althea, and those online shopping apps on google play)

My parcel just arrived from hermo, and I think I have three more packages that still ongoing. I just hope that those three will arrive soon. Umi already bebel at me about spending money on things that I'll not wear. Maybe she is terkejut kot, her daughter yang selebet suddenly ordering make up. But guys, I'm going to be an ayu woman now tehee

Seriously, I am a girl who never bothered about beauty product before. I literally go out without wearing any make up.To the class, to the mall, hari raya, wedding party. Never. I feel uncomfortable caking up my face with those things. Tapi people change! Look at me now, definitely not the old zafirah.

Apparently, there are many types of make up. Primer, make up base, foundation, concealer, highlighter, shading, bronze, blush, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow tint, lip tint, cushion, powder and the list go on and on and on. If you have the money then you can buy all the things above. It turns out that I still love mine hahahahhaha Seriously guys, make up cost you a lot!

And I'm here, fighting the urge to buy more T_T
"Happiness depends upon ourselves. -Aristotle"
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